allDJ DVD to PSP Ripper

allDJ DVD to PSP Ripper 3.5

A video ripper that encodes files to two video formats: AVC and MPEG-4
3.5.22 (See all)
MasterSoft, Inc.

AllDJ DVD to PSP Ripper is a video ripper. The application encodes files to two video formats: AVC and MPEG-4, also called MP4. It has six encoding profiles in total: three for AVC and three for MP4. Each format has a normal-quality, excellent-quality, and best-quality profile.

AllDJ DVD to PSP Ripper can rip DVD movies from a DVD disc or a path on your computer. If you have already ripped a DVD to your computer, you will have .VOB files on a VIDEO_TS folder and this application can encode those files from your hard drive to an AVC or MP4 file.

Graphically, the application is really simple. At the top you choose where to get the DVD movie from. Below that are various instructions on how to operate the application and some ads for other rippers and converters from the developer. The bottom part is the most interesting. There are all the conversion settings. Of course, you have the six predefined profiles, but you can also change individual settings like video quality, video format, resolution, etc.

Conversion speed and quality are on par with other solutions. Interestingly, AllDJ DVD to PSP Ripper has the exact same graphical user interface as WinX DVD ripper: same colors, buttons, etc. I can't tell who copied who, but it wouldn't hurt researching a bit on this topic before purchasing either of them.

I usually don't mention prices when I evaluate an application, but this particular piece of software sells for $30 and it only outputs files in two formats. There are better solutions out there for that price, and even some convert files to all formats.

José Fernández
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  • Built-in preview and editing tools
  • Easy to use


  • Ads in the main window
  • Limited format support
  • Interface looks oddly familiar
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